McDonalds McCafe Launch - Go Back


McDonalds and Algoa-FMThe McDonalds on Port Elizabeth beachfront had gone through a big revamp and would be relaunched on 13 April 2012 with a new deck area overlooking the sea and the first ever McCafe in Port Elizabeth. Boomtown was called in to work on the launch event as well as the teaser campaign leading up to the launch.


Increase sales by attracting a new audience with McCafé’s product offering of cakes and coffees and get previous clients to revisit McDonalds for all the old favourites but in a new, fresh-look restaurant.


McDonaldsWe started off by thinking about the type of language used in coffee shop gatherings and noticed how people in the Port Elizabeth region use slang, a mixture of Afrikaans and English as well as various colloquialisms to express themselves. We therefore created a largely copy-driven campaign with lines such as “Wat cake jy?” and “We’ve bean busy” to announce McCafé’s arrival. The mediums included: vouchers (handed out prior to the campaign inside empty cups so users could get their cups filled with their purchase of any McDonalds items), lamppost advertising, radio advertising, billboards and an open door PR campaign where journalists were taken through the McDonalds restaurant and shown the premises for top to bottom.

On the launch day we arranged for Algoa FM to do an open broadcast from the premises of the new McDonalds. Lauren and Wayne from the Fastlane presented their show live and did an on air interview with Belinda McKenna from McDonalds head office. They created a fantastic vibe within the restaurant and not only spoke about it on the day but also bragged about the delicious food we had sent them daily the week preceding the launch. There was also a highly successful activation event on the launch day were a promoter encouraged customers to pose with a giant replica of the McCafé coffee take away cup. These posers stood the chance of winning a month’s free coffee from McCafé.

wat cake jy


The campaign was highly successful in increasing the beachfront McDonald’s sales. On the launch day-13 April the restaurants sales was up by 40% when compared to that of 2011. This increased to 72% on the Saturday, 40% on the Monday and 35% on the Tuesday. Whist we are aware of the direct sales results the franchise enjoyed over the weekend, we are positive that this is not all and that the restaurant has also gained awareness and positive association in the mind of the target market. We plan on increasing this top of mind awareness by implementing more promotional activity in the future.