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Through clever marketing and understanding the various social issues consumers deal with, such as the growing concern for the environment, Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency created a campaign through which First Choice was able to educate their consumers of their role towards conserving the environment.

First Choice - A2 PosterBackground:

The environmentally-friendly aspects of First Choice milk, produced by Woodlands Dairy, are certainly admirable. All First Choice milk is not only sourced from pasture-fed cows from specially selected farms in the unpolluted Eastern Cape countryside, but it is also g-free, meaning that it is free from all RBST hormones, pathogens, and micro-organisms. All First Choice long-life milk is also packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, which has a much lower carbon footprint than any plastic or glass milk container, making it naturally better for our planet. To this end, First Choice and Tetra Pak, together with Boomtown, collaborated to orchestrate a campaign to not only build awareness of the ‘green aspect’ of the First Choice brand, but also to drive a call-to-action on the ground over the duration of the promotion.

The Challenge:

In an effort to strengthen First Choice’s positioning and elevate its appeal to higher LSM consumers within the category, Boomtown wanted to highlight the environmental appeal of First Choice, an already well-established player in the long-life milk category in South Africa to the target markets concerned.


First Choice - Washline BannersTo promote the purchase of First Choice, and therefore also Tetra Pak packaging, an on-pack in-store promotion targeting the end user was developed to drive awareness of the environmental benefits of First Choice Tetra Pak packaging (i.e. over and above competitor plastic and glass containers) and to ultimately solicit greater loyalty towards the First Choice brand as consumers become more attuned to the environmental impact of their consumer decisions and habits. The notion that ‘box milk is better for the environment and therefore ultimately also better for you’ needed to be clearly communicated and understood. Positioning First Choice with a better and cleaner environment fitted well with both the brand’s g-free and natural philosophy elements and also boded well for the long-life category which also obviously demands less energy in terms of cooling and refrigeration requirements. Whilst some competitors were merely touting recyclability of their packaging containers, First Choice would be the first milk brand in South Africa to really take the lead in terms of strongly aligning itself with real environmental issues and investing into our planet’s, and therefore its consumers’, future. With this in mind a three month campaign was run whereby consumers who sms’ed their unique on-pack code stood a chance to win one of the most environmentally-friendly cars on the planet, a Toyota Prius. The campaign was supported by in-store point-of-sale and out-store print advertising.



First Choice - Win a Toyota Prius buttonThe ‘With First Choice, you and nature both win’ campaign was run over the months of May, June, and July of 2010 and received a massive 42 000 sms entries, which can now be used in the future to inform the marketplace of forthcoming promotions. The campaign was generally very well received by consumers and store-owners alike, and helped not only to drive brand awareness in the marketplace but also had a positive impact on sales into the higher LSM category (according to recent AC Nielson research received). Tinus Pretorius, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Woodlands Dairy, the producers of First Choice, said, “The massive positive consumer response we’ve had proves to us that people in South Africa are becoming more and more concerned for quality products that are good for the environment too.” The winner of the brand new Toyota Prius was flown up to Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, the of Woodlands Dairy, for a prize hand-over session. In an effort to build on the success of the above campaign, First Choice ran a very similar successful promotion right on the heels of the above whereby consumers stood a chance to win one of five of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport on the planet, the very trendy and classic continental scooter, the Vespa Piaggio.