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Boomtown Brings a Gig to Life

Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency personified the Internet with the creation of The Gig, a big, bright orange character covered in hundreds of post-it notes representing the multitude of things that an Internet user can do with one Gigabyte of data.


Broadband penetration and Internet usage in South Africa has seen a consistent rise as broadband prices continue to drop and the Internet becomes more accessible to all South Africans, Axxess plays amongst the top five Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in South Africa but faces fierce competition from strong players with big marketing budgets.

The Challenge:

Axxess wanted to communicate the benefits of its best selling account, the R59 Pro Account and demonstrate to consumers just how much they could get out of One Gig. Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency was given a simple brief:

Sell more Pro Accounts.

Communicate how much the average family can do with 1 Gigabyte of Internet for just R59 and benefit from Axxess’ value adds such as instant activation and monthly roll over.

Despite a relatively limited TV budget, Axxess wanted to reach the mass market, targeting all South Africans falling within LSM group five to eight.The company was ready to take on the big boys that dominated the industry with prominent media coverage. Boomtown needed a concept that would really break through the clutter.


Boomtown’s creative team developed an idea that would personify the Internet and communicate in easy to understand terms, just what a Gigabyte could buy. And so ‘The Gig’ was born. A bright orange character covered in post-it notes, each one making up the value of a Gig was conceptualized. The Gig would become a family friend, helping the average middle class South African family to perform tasks such as Internet banking and keeping in touch with family abroad.

Boomtown developed one 30 second and two 10 second TVC’s and The Gig was brought to life with Rooftop Productions who shot the commercials.


The TVC and the GIG character became a huge success, which was translated to online and print media. ‘Meet the Snymans’ has this year been shortlisted for a Loerie Award.